This is a alluring flower that comes from the roots of the coffee flower family, they are one of a kind and you will never mistake them for any other floral growth out there in the world!

The petals themselves have a slightly waxy, yet, smooth texture that runs along the surface of the white, sometimes called cream or ivory, flower petals, when you rub from between the grooved pads of your finger tips.

The center of this flower is a bright yellow in shade, and takes up only a small quarter size area of the flower itself.

The leafs that are found surrounding this flower are leathery to the touch, they are in the shape of a tear drop in the bright green hue that layers the surface.

They bloom in a wide open formation, allowing the petals to drape in a slightly downwards angle as they sprout to life under the gentle warmth of the suns rays.

These flowers are most commonly used to be the center piece at tables during weddings as well as making up the area around the alter, they are beautiful for any occasion, whether it is a gift for a loved one, a romantic gesture, or just simply to light up any room in your house!

Not only are they breath taking to look at and admire, but they smell fabulous, they have a exquisite, wonderful weightless smell to them that clogs the pores of the air in a gentle sway, like stepping out into the wake of day in the early spring right after a heavy rain.

It is a scent that is one that you will not lose any time soon after you intake the fragrance that is so beautiful and light weight.

Thankfully, it is one that is commonly used in house hold items such as shampoos, body wash, perfume, hand soap, lotion and more!

If you are looking for the perfect flower to meet all of your needs, this is one that you do not want to by pass without giving it a fair chance and really comparing it to your other options.

I mean, even when the flower is coming to its last legs of life, the wilting stages of this floral arrangement are still absolutely stunning, one that will have you admiring its beautiful qualities all the way up to its last drops of life!

If you are looking for a flower that is alluring, smells completely like you are walking through heaven’s doors and will be worth every single penny you spend, then you need to look no further, because you already found the perfect flower right here!

Not to mention, the color combination of this floral beauty goes with everything, that is why they are so popular among weddings and gifts because there is no house or event that this flower does not look amazing in!

If you are still on the fence about whether or not this is the perfect arrangement for you, you should definitely keep it in mind, you will not be disappointed!