This flower is one that comes in over two hundred and fifty different styles and types!

You will be able to find them in all of your favorite colors, blue, pink, red, orange, yellow and many more because these flowers bloom in every shade of the rainbow!

If you were to find one out side of a shop you would be able to tell it apart from the other flowers due to its unique fan shaped design when in full bloom, they typically have nine or more petals, the thick stalks are in the hue of a bright easy on the eyes green, some people have said that the flower itself kind of reminds them of a rare feather from its ruffled aspects!

These flowers represent royalty and power, which makes them great gift ideas for almost any occasion, not to mention or limit it too, being given as an office gift for corporate reasons, given to someone who has fallen ill as it makes a great get well soon gift, due to the array of different color combinations, it would look absolutely stunning at the center piece for a wedding or just sitting gracefully in any room in the house, allowing all guests to feel like they have just walked out into a wonderland of beauty.

When you lean in to smell the fresh scent of this flower, your nasal passages will be flooded with a fragrance that has been compared to the soft aroma of a fresh powder, some even have compared it to the scent of lipstick when you first open the cartridge, but of course, every person smells something different, whether you smell fresh or spicy, you will love these flowers!

Under proper care they last a long time, even the wilting process of these floral arrangements are beyond beautiful, you will not be able to find another flower that has so many color combinations and options for such a good price, while being able to have every room in your house lifted with a different shade for a strong effect of the flor design, that is right, you can place a different shade in each room of your house, allowing the fragrance to act as a air freshener all week long.

The scent is so popular that it is commonly used in bath salts, rubbing oils for massage therapy, essential oils, lotions and many more options infused with this scent which is going to wrap your mind and body in a state of peace and relaxation.

You are going to love the way the receiver of these flowers face lights up when they first lay their eyes on this beautiful center piece, it is not only going to light up their house, but you are going to love the flower even more due to the low cost and long lasting ability of this arrangement, every party when given as a gift will adore this flower!

You will find that it will be your go to item for all occasions and events in your future!