This flower can sometimes be mistaken as a weed if you were to find it out in the wild, but in reality you are actually finding out that it is a beautiful wild flower.

It has five petals, it is very popular flower among bees, they love to use it to pollinate due to the amount of pollen that they can capture from it during just one trip.

Most people are used to seeing it in the shade of yellow, but it can be found in the colors of pink, red, white, blue and even a light purple!

If you were to hold it up in the light, really close to your face, you will see that there are small little flowers that are grouped together in the center of the flowers!

The edges of the petals are curved upwards slightly, this flower has a very popular scent, in fact, it is typically used in essential oils, perfumes and lotions.

The outside sensation of the flowers are shinny and the texture if you were to rub it in between the inside of your index finger and thumb, you will find that it has a waxy feel to it.

It has also been known to stain your skin with the gentle hit of a vibrant color.

This flower, when purchased from a florist is normally sold in large groups or bundles, it is a great gift for anyone in your life because of the childish feel that you will get from seeing the flowers themselves.

It has been said that they have the power to take you back to when you were a child and give you sudden bursts of memories from when you would pick flowers as a child due to their weed like energy.

They are a great gift to be given to your spouse for an anniversary, this is because the long last fragrance will remain locked in their nasal passages for hours, even after leaving the room in which they are held inside of during their normally long life span if properly taken care of!

These flowers are not only extremely easy on the eyes, but they automatically light up any room they are placed in, whether it is the frame of a kitchen window, a living area, on a bedside drawer or even if you are giving them to someone in a hospital or nursing home; they will make the receiver feel like they went out into the field and picked them, themselves!

This is not the kind of flower that is laced with a romantic background like their cousin, the rose, but they could be given to someone in a romantic gesture, trust me, no matter who you give these flowers too, young or old alike, it is a great gift or just a random act of kindness to give to a stranger or someone who you are trying to pay back if they have done a simple favor for you!

If you are in search of the perfect flower to give someone that reminds them of the outdoors, this is the one that you will find meets all of your needs!