What to Look for in a Romantic Partner

Whether you are a man or a woman, looking for the perfect romantic partner is essential to living an ultimately happy and healthy life.

However, most of us find ourselves looking for things that we want to find in someone verses looking for things that we need to find in someone else. Here are the things you absolutely need to find in a perfect romantic partner.

1) Someone who accepts you for you.

This is a huge thing to look for when trying to figure out if someone is marriage material.

Having a partner that truly loves you for you, is something that is harder to find than you may think but, it is also something that should remain top on your list.

Here is why.

Having someone who accepts you, will not only make the relationship more stable and strong but, it will make a foundation for the rest of your relationship, your partner is not only supposed to be your lover but, also your best friend.

2) Financially Stable.

No, money is not everything, but almost everything requires money.

In fact, as much as you may not want to admit it, there are a lot of reasons why money does matter in relationships.

The most important reason is the fact that a lack of financial stability from either side of the relationship almost always causes animosity and arguments over time. Making sure that you both have or are currently working towards having a strong financial flooring to stand on will make your relationship less stressful and more enjoyable overall – especially when you can actually go out and spend money freely on dates and spoil each other with gifts and the like.

3) You are one the same page with not or wanting to have children.

A lot of people want to expand their blood line and having kids, while others that is the farthest thing from their minds.

Making sure right away that the two of you share the same thoughts on having children will ensure that there will be no extra pressure coming from one of the two parties, one urging the other to change their mind.

This little misunderstanding is cause for a lot of cheating or break ups in the future if you later find out that you are not looking at this from the same view point.

4) That they respect you.

Sometimes, respect can be more valuable than love.

This is because when you respect someone, you would never lie, cheat or want to harm them.

Finding someone who respects you will ensure that they will never take advantage of you or your relationship.

Being with someone who respects you will set the mood for the rest of your relationship, this is a key way to find out from the beginning if you guys have a future which could allow the relationship to gravitate closer together or cause it to fall apart, either way, it is best to know from the beginning.

Finding the perfect partner is no easy for anyone, thankfully, we live in a place where we have the option to pick and choose, rather than just having to settle.

If you have not found the one yet, do not let it bring you down, your perfect person is out there right now looking for you as well, by following these four rules will help you weed out all of the wrong ones, pulling you every day, one step closer to finding the love of your life!