How to Get Your Ex-Boyfriend Back

Do you feel as though you failed in winning your ex back? There’s a large number of girls that failed in trying to win back their ex. There must be a solution for these women to know how to get their ex boyfriend back. It’s simple if you follow these simple steps of what to do before, during and after a breakup.

Be aware of you emotional and physical health. It’s unhealthy to expect to fall into this “butterflies” state immediately after a breakup. Know your true feelings about him before even considering trying to get him back.

Take the time to orient yourself before you contact him or her. Go to a salon, spa, or gym and give yourself a shower and freshly trimmed nails and hair. Remove any old jewelry that may be along way, select a new wardrobe, and change your style of dressing.

Next, allow yourself to feel a bit of weepy sobs, a inability to breathe, and your mind racing a bit as you prepare yourself psychologically for your expected reconciliation. Refrain, before you contact your ex, from any other form of emotional abuse. Allow your friends to be there for you at this difficult time. They can keep you company, and assure that your emotions won’t be misconstrued.

It’s like sin and forgiveness, as you continue with your life. Keep the lines of communication open in your ex’s life, as they should be, so long as the break-up ended on relatively good terms.

It’s important to not choose “when,” but rather “how” to get your ex back. After a breakup, never, ever beg your ex to come back to you. Never beg to make him your boyfriend again, as that will only push him away as he sees you as needy and immature – someone not worthy of getting a second chance.

Instead, have loving conversations with your ex that are loving, nurture, and emotionally driven. No critical talk. Show him (subtly) that you are a better and more emotionally stable person, and he will very quickly start to think about how maybe starting things up with you again is a distinct possibility.

If your ex has been kind, supportive, and haven’t dumped you to go live with someone else, now is the time to make him or her your best friend. Do something fun with your ex, as friends only, but leave it ambiguous to the outside world as to whether you are just two friends hanging out, or something more. That fact will not get past your ex, and he will see just how great the chemistry between the two of you remains, even as you hang out in a technically platonic setting.

Your ex will soon realize how important you have always been to him, and will start to miss you. At some point, your ex will eventually get over the breakup, and be willing to inquire as to how to get you back and start the relationship back up. Once you are at that point, you are (for the most part) in the clear – just take it slow and communicate with him effectively, and you will be back in his loving arms in no time.

Remember these steps, and remember most of all that it will take time. You cannot rush this process. If your ex is worth getting back, then you just need to trust the process, take care of yourself and your own emotional well-being, and let the rest fall into place naturally.